Monday, 1 July 2013

Restrained splurging

Sometimes there is no better solution than to throw caution to the wind (or money at the retailers) and splurge. Sometimes those shoes just have to be bought, that show needs you in it's audience, and that espresso martini needs a willing body to intoxicate.

When the money worries of attempting to finance life in London on a waitress's wage got too much to solve, the only answer was to grab my sister (aka fellow impulsive sporadic spender) and let go of some money worries by letting go of some money.

Disbelievers, don't mock it until you've tried it. While I wouldn't recommend splurging on Chanel and Mulberry (guaranteed credit card hangover the day after), a little luxury here and there certainly numbs the depression of realising that you're way over your overdraft. Just as contradictory as 'sweet sorrow', 'restrained splurging' is life's beautiful oxymoron. Getting out of the house for a coffee and cake may not seem the best idea when your bank account is so painfully anorexic, but it is guaranteed to brighten your mood. 

Be it retail therapy, a trip to the cinema (which I'm afraid is considered a luxury with London's extortionate prices) or that quaint cafe you always wanted to try, grab a pick me up! Let go of your sensible side and have a day free from your wise mother's warnings of consequence. What's life without a little splurge!?

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