Friday, 5 July 2013

Moving To The City

Warm sunshine beating down in the garden, birds singing, lazy river flowing, trees, animals and flowers galore. But not for much longer. In two weeks time I make the move into the big smoke, I'll actually be IN London this time. When people ask me where I live my answer won't be the usual 'oh near London, just forty minutes outside' (which is code for small, countryside village absolutely nothing like London but as a Northerner the closest I've ever lived).

City or country? Although I'm eager to make the swap, I'm curious to know..when you compare the two, which one comes out on top? I had reservations about country living to begin with; being awoken by horny ducks mating outside my window at half six in the morning did not sell it to me. However sitting on the balcony with a glass (or 3) of wine, watching the sun set over the fields is truly magical. With the weather so beautiful at the moment I can't help feeling like the countryside is acting like a bitter ex rubbing it in my face 'you idiot, you're leaving me? Well check out how spectacular I am!' 

Yes life in the country is beautiful, relaxing, idyllic, but here are some of the things I wont miss.. Getting a pizza craving at 10pm and discovering that not all ASDAs are 24 hour!? Going shopping in town and being limited to new look and super drug. Everything being at least a ten minute drive away (which means far too many sober nights out). Local entertainment being the obliterated drunks who do a round of the pubs dishing out painfully bad chat up lines like 'Do you believe in love at first sight or shall I walk by again?' (not as funny the third time around).

Despite this I can't help but love living in the countryside and have to recommend you give it a go sometime. Can I really survive in the city with the only tweeting being that of the nearest smart phone? Watch this space...

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