Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm afraid you need experience for that experience!

After years of living and breathing tests, fuelled with the firm belief that education is the key to success, now that we have wrapped up our SATs, GCSEs, AS levels, A levels, End of Year exams, Mocks and Degrees, the job market has changed its mind..'erm, actually we don't care about your degree, experience is the new must have'.  Since when is the job market as fickle as fashion? 

It would appear that us twenty somethings are the unlucky generation who endured the tests obsession and education overload, and then graduated in the pit of the recession. Why do we have no experience? Maybe it was a little hard to fit in midst the endless exams and part time jobs we needed to fund our hooch jackets and new Nokia 3310s. We were sold degrees with the assurance that they guaranteed you a job, yet now they are so common place the 'essentials' bullet point 'Candidate must have a degree' reads as unimpressive as 'Candidate must be able to speak'. When applying for a job in a bar or cafe it's detrimental to your success; 'degree' reads as 'WARNING this person will leave you as soon as humanly possible'. Can I get a refund on that degree because it definitely doesn't do what it said on the tin.

Negativity aside, university is an incredible life experience and I still believe in the value of education. But a word of advice for employers out there; give us twenty somethings a chance. Remember we still worked for three, four, five years for that degree. Don't bin that CV and assume that lack of experience means lack of skill. Plenty of us are trying to get our hands on some experience, but apparently you need experience to get work experience nowadays!

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