Sunday, 9 February 2014

Don't skimp out

I think we've all had our moments of ruthless skimping; when you buy the cheap tea bags over pg tips, despite the fact that they taste like dust, they will do because you're on a budget. You go 'own brand' throughout the majority of your weekly shop, save yourself near twenty quid, then meet up with friends and end up blowing fifty quid on a wild night out. You are left no better off, with a horrible hangover and bland tins of beans to nurse you back to health.
I skimped this morning and still haven't stopped cursing myself. My train to London was due to leave at 11:28am, so waking up at 8:30 I had plenty of time to make my way down to the station. I didn't need a taxi there, (italics)it's only a 7minute drive down to the station so it  wont take too long to walk(idiot!idiot!idiot!). Grabbing my handbag and wheelie case, at 10:45 I embarked on my 'little stroll'. At 11:25 I was running towards the station with minutes left, drenched from head to foot, face moisturiser dripping into my gasping mouth, a river of mascara cascading down my face and my back clammy with sweat. Not ideal for a  4 hour train journey. I had spent the past 40 minutes bracing myself against the bitter wind which continuously whipped rain into my face, reassuring myself that, well, it's good exercise and you've saved yourself £5!! As I clambered onto the train, face numb from the cold, and unable to see anything through my fogged up glasses, I slumped towards the cafe coach. Feeling VERY sorry for myself I purchased a hot coffee to thaw my icy face and a sandwich to ease my now grumbling stomach. 'That'll be £5.05 love'. As my heart sank with the realisation that I hadn't actually saved anything, I felt obliged to advise you this.. Do not skimp. Those cheaper jeans will shrink in the wash. That bargain barbers will butcher your hair. That cubic zirconia ring does not look like real diamond. And if you skimp on a taxi, that taxi driver will laugh and drive past smugly as you squelch towards the station.

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