Thursday, 20 June 2013

Run Away!

So, I'm going public with some personal info ... I'm training to run a half marathon. I'm telling you this so that I can't back out of it, which is becoming an increasingly tempting idea (I'm not a quitter, I've just come to my senses!). After watching my boyfriend complete a triathlon in 2011, I told him how proud of him I was and (foolishly) suggested, ' hey maybe someday I could give it a go?'  (not expecting to be held accountable for my throw away comment). Two years later, after 15 months of indulging on Asian noodles and cheap beer, and in what can only be described as the biggest slump of my fitness ever, I am signed up to the 'Run to the beat' half marathon. Gulp!

My first run really can't be described as a run at all, more a steady jog...or a dad run, which is really just an exaggerated walk. I *ahem* ran along the canal, fuchsia faced and hair slicked back with what looked like wet look gel (actually a pool of sweat). I did all of the classics; striding along full pelt with a fake smile plastered across my face when a dog walker strolled by, forcing a cheery "hello!" and collapsing when they were finally out of sight.  

The biggest fear of a non runner braving a run has to be running into someone you know (pun totally intended). Running into your ex would of course be the worst. Nobody wants to  bump into an ex when they are an unfortunate shade of beetroot, wearing ugly ill fitting, thigh enhancing Lycra sweat pans and an old Nike hoodie. Thankfully this is something I have managed to avoid (touch wood!).

Anyway, the reason for broadcasting this is to encourage you to get out there and do it. Swim, gym, cycle, run. Get active and get that serotonin flowing! Even if it's just fifteen minutes around the block, get your heart pumping and get some fresh air. You know you'll feel better for doing it!


  1. Just got back from my healthy walk. I'm not quite up to jogging, but with you in spirit. . . .
    Now, where did I put my lighter. Dad x

  2. Very proud of you and your healthy walk :)I hope that's one of those tobacco free herbal cigs you're lighting up? haha X