Monday, 13 May 2013

Preventing a hangover

As we know, prevention is better than cure, but as we are never in the right frame of mind to refuse those free sambuca shots at the end of the night, preventing a hangover isn't as easy as we think. As my last trip to London saw me moping around my sister's house sickly and tired after a VERY heavy night of red wine consumption, I decided that this time my night of Shoreditch shenanigans would stop at an overly giddy level of tipsy (well that was the original plan). Waking up at 8am the next morning gasping with dehydration and fighting the need to purge last night out of my system I reached for the vase of water (yes you did read that right) left by my beside and reflected on the night's events...
After an awkward train ride next to a teenage couple openly throwing around sexual innuendos as though the rest of the carriage were naive virgins I finally arrived at Bar Kick in Shoreditch. Walking into a sea of denim and leather, androgynous shirts and oversized frames, I realised now probably wasn't the best time to re wear my graduation dress. Unknowingly meeting my friends in a basement with an uncanny resemblance to the grungy club I used to sneak into when I was sixteen, I quickly regretted my decision to wear royal blue silk. This prompted my choice of drink, a strong Mai Tai topped up with extra rum (I think the bar tender was a mind reader), and so the drinks and dancing commenced. By 3am the lights came on in the club (the name I can't remember) abruptly revealing everyone's alcohol abused faces which were previously obscured by the flattering darkness of the dance floor.
Floating back to my friend's house in a mist of rum, vodka, gin, goldschl├Ąger, beer and sambuca, we protested that, actually we really weren't that drunk (giggle, stumble, giggle). Arriving at the flat I was offered not a glass, but a vase of water  (something which I didn't find odd until the following morning) and toast (never underestimate the power of a piece of bread!). 

So it would seem that I failed at hangover prevention, but I can advise this... Goldschl├Ąger is the devil in liquid form, blue silk is only acceptable at graduation, and drinking cocktails does not give you the ability to dance like Beyonce. 

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