Friday, 10 May 2013

Never take your boyfriend shopping

After fulfilling my Start Trek obsession (I realise this seriously affects my street cred) and watching 'Into Darkness' in IMAX 3D, which was totally worth it by the way, I went for a wander around Manchester's Arndale Centre.
Lured into the shops with promises of exciting new fashion and drastically reduced items I demonstrated shockingly good self restraint and managed to buy absolutely nothing (cue round of applause please). This was partially due to the fact that my debit card was screaming in agony from the heavy burden of my ever increasing overdraft, and also because I was shopping with my boyfriend. Horrible mistake. Yes I know today's advice seems obvious, everybody knows it's a terrible idea, and yet we still do it. Us ladies kid ourselves into thinking that our men rather enjoy a little shop from time to time. This is delusional. Shopping to a man involves popping briefly into the shops for that...(insert singular item) they wanted, grabbing some...(insert tasty food item), and going home to play FIFA/watch football/sleep. Shopping to a woman involves raiding the racks, stopping for coffee to refuel, and visiting as many shops as possible before her time is up (ladies stop denying it you know it's true). The two just do not mix. I was reminded of this when dragging my boyfriend around; with the face of a moody primary school child he walked silently beside me for just over 1 hour until I gave up, bought him some sweets to cheer him up (which actually worked) and jumped on the next train home. Lesson learnt; sometimes retail therapy isn't therapy at all...never take your boyfriend shopping.

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