Monday, 29 April 2013

When in Spain do as the Spaniards do...

Following my 15 month worldwide adventure, feeling utterly shell shocked to be back home in bleak England I decided all of the travelling and socialising had taken it out of me and it was time for a get away(don't hate me).

Lucky for me I have a mum living in Spain, on the southeast coast where the sun never seems to stop shining and a golden tan is never too far away. Anticipating the dramatic, earthy mountain range, the glimmering jade ocean and the vats of delicious wine, one thing that never fails to impress me is the way the Spanish lead their everyday lives. Without fear of being sent home from work for being intoxicated they drink wine mid afternoon, siesta any morning grievances away and later dine among family and friends, only plating up at gone 9pm.
 There is no such thing as late; late is on time; this is something I indulged in being a 'fashionably late' kind of girl. Upon my arrival from chaotic London my mum kept telling me to slow down, no rush, no worry, and after a while it started to sink in. Without realising it, in just two weeks back, England had already tied me up in its corset of deadlines, to do lists and clock watching. Yet once fully immersed in the slow but steady Spanish pace I was sleeping deeply, my skin was glowing, my days appeared longer and the English to do list etched across my mind was finally getting ticked off. So take a step back from your jam packed calendar. Take a breath. Try to stop worrying and scrutinising how you are going to fit everything in and just start at number one.. with a glass of wine of course! 

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