Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Living for the moment

Sat in the garden with my morning tea I'm feeling fresh and ready to embrace the day. I'm ignoring the intermittent drilling of the workmen behind me kindly commencing their cacophony of noise way before 9am, and accepting this wake up call as a hint to use the cool morning air to write.  Recently I've been feeling torn between whether to dedicate some time to job hunting (painful but compulsory) or writing (clearly the favourable option). After a few hours job hunting (interspersed with too many coffee breaks, Facebook updates and similar devilish procrastination) I became aware that I had bookmarked a wealth of 'acceptable' jobs which I had absolutely no interest in. It seems the recession was starting to convince me that the economic situation meant I wasn't allowed to dream anymore.
Fully aware of the unemployment which lurks back in reality and constantly reminded by the endless questions of "so what are you going to do now you're back from travelling?" I've decided to stop worrying about what might happen and live for the moment. See the thing is, I know I may not make it as a writer; my blogs may become ensconced in the ocean of autoblographies out there, and my novel, when I do finally finish it, may end up just a coaster for this morning tea..but at least I'll know.  Not one of us knows entirely what will happen from one day to the next; no matter how much we plan and organise, ultimately our future is in the hands of many.  So get excited about not knowing your future, 'anything could happen' isn't a foreboding warning of misgivings, rather it's an opening into a world where dreams can come true (or so I continue telling myself). Philosophy aside, living for the moment means not worrying about consequence, so excuse me while I head to the freezer to grab an ice cream for lunch...

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