Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Power of Sleep

Ignore the people who say 'you get enough sleep when you're dead'. They are wrong. If you hadn't heard that phrase before now, pretend I didn't say it because it's ridiculous. Sleep should be appreciated, savoured, and given the time it deserves, 6 hours is just not enough!

Today, with the power of 8 hours sleep I have been transformed from a grouchy, migraine suffering, puffy eyed, runny nosed mess, into a functioning human being again. Yesterday's heavy lidded, heavy hearted state of misery has been slept off (mum breathes a sigh of relief - no teary skype calls today!). Today I woke up fresh at 7am, on my own, without moaning or the incentive of a cup of tea in bed (yes, my boyfriend spoils me). Half of you will think that getting up at 7am for no reason is madness, and the other half of you will label me a lazy slob for having a 7am lie in, but for me this is progress. I'm kicking the late to bed late to rise habit, investing in some beauty sleep (it worked for princess Aurora), and remembering that there are two 7 o'clocks in the day. It would seem I have reached the age where going to bed at 9pm is totally acceptable, encouraged even.

Sleep is not a symptom of caffeine deprivation. Don't deprive yourself of those forty winks because you're too busy, because sleep is what keeps you going. Get your eight hours and make sure at least one is before midnight as I swear that makes all the difference. Not sure if sleep is all that important? Sleep on it and I'm sure you'll see sense in the morning.

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