Monday, 18 November 2013

The Last Minute Dash

No matter how many hours there are before work, food is wolfed down last minute as you scramble to put your shoes on. Although you know what time the train leaves, you always find yourself doing a little run walk to get to the platform on time.  The last minute dash crops up countless times in our highly scheduled days; to reach the post office before it closes, to get back from lunch break, to quickly write a new post before work (that last one’s for me).

This is a habit I am currently trying to curb (she says sat in her pj’s whipping out a quick blog half an hour before work). It’s tough because time is precious and there is SO much to do, but not leaving enough time for the little things like having a cup of tea and preparing for the day can leave you in a bit of a mess, despite having ticked off the important tasks. Arriving at your destination feeling fresh, confident that you aren’t emulating an embarrassing Bridget Jones blusher moment, and that you don’t smell like you slept in a bin, is underrated.  My LMD (last minute dash) tends to go something like this; take a bite of toast while tying shoe laces, grab make up bag for last minute application in car (not whilst driving though, don’t arrest me), hunt down front door keys (they are never where I think I leave them) and compulsively check that all of the household appliances are off (there’s a bit of OCD in all of us). My dad’s LMD tends to be; wake up (on couch still wearing yesterday’s suit), use one product to both moisturise face and style hair, and grab body spray and coffee to humanise himself on the way to work.

So the next time you crack out that to do list to plan your day, don’t forget to give yourself time to do the little things. That extra 10 minutes will see you arriving at work punctual and on your boss’s nice not naughty list, and will prevent any last minute mascara slip ups from frantically oomphing your lashes in the rear view mirror of your car when you arrive. Allocate yourself some chill time and eliminate that last minute dash.

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  1. Don't give my time-management secrets away! Don't you just love Lush? x