Saturday, 4 May 2013

It's Saturday morning and I'm not hungover...

It’s Saturday morning, I’m not hungover, I didn’t go out last night, in fact I didn’t even have a drink. After experimenting with my dad’s treasure chest of cocktail spirits I ended up making the most appalling concoction of gin, strawberry liqueur, fresh lime and tonic (definitely not one to recommend) and gave up. Instead I grabbed a vimto (what am I eight?) and put on some Alison Moyet (what am I 50?).  

I spent last night playing Masterchef with my dad, I was the judge, so basically I just sat down and watched him cook for me. I indulged in a sumptuous dish of scallops, king prawns, button mushrooms, asparagus and almost a full pack of Lurpack butter (dad doesn’t do ‘healthy’). The night came to a close with a father daughter Amy Winehouse jamming session in which we both awkwardly skimmed over the beginning lyrics to ‘back to black’, and then dad fell asleep on the couch (standard father behaviour). Not the most eventful of nights; no throwing up from excessive consumption of cosmopolitans, no outrageous dance moves, no drunken phone calls (cue my next weekend in London). My night may have been peaceful rather than pissed, but it certainly wasn’t a night ‘wasted’. After a lovely evening I’ve woken up feeling lively, fresh, and unlike many of my Facebook friends, without declaring that I will never, ever drink again (which we all know just isn’t true).  So if you don’t have an epic weekend planned, don’t be disheartened. Relish the calm, invest in quality family time, enjoy the lack of hangover... and get planning next weekend!
Counting down to belated birthday celebrations with one of my faves!

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