Saturday, 18 May 2013

Have a good laugh

Unexplainably  moody,irritable and argumentative? We've all been there at some point, when no matter what you try, you can't seem to shift that depressive fog obscuring your vision. This was me recently; I felt like a dementor had sucked all of the happines from my soul (if you hadn't already noticed, yes I do have a tendency to overdramatise). The troubles occupying my mind felt like a straight jacket  infested with fleas, inescapable and irritating. All day I tried to shift it, reading, exercising and eating chocolate (which as we all know is ordinarily a cure all).

 It wasn't until later in the evening that my cure eventually revealed itself in the form of Alan Carr. Opening his show with a stream of inappropriate jokes it took all but 5 minutes to dig me out of my suffocating  pile of gloom and let me breath again, or rather near choke on my own laughter and snort all over my boyfriend (something which he found highly attractive). I followed Alan with a dose of Michael McIntyre and after an hour of his self deprecating jokes I was on cloud nine.
Comedy was my saviour. It reminded me of the importance of laughing at yourself; don't take yourself too seriously and you'll be less hard on yourself when things go wrong. Give yourself a parental telling off and 'think of all those poor kids in Africa', we all hate that overused phrase but the heart of it rings true; there are people out there with far worse problems. Things are never as bad as they seem! It also reminded me how a bit of hearty chortling can totally transform your mood. So next time you feel glum and you can't kick yourself out of it, prescribe yourself some comedy because laughter really is the best medicine!


  1. Hi i really like your blog, love how fun and original your blog is :)

    happy blogging

    1. Hey! Thanks so much :) so glad you enjoy my posts, I hope you keep reading!x