Sunday, 28 April 2013

Stares and smiles

Being a hot white girl in South East Asia attracts stares. No I'm not being an arrogant Westerner, by hot I mean the temperature kind..sweaty. The kind of heat which results in a no brainer choice between wearing shorts and a t-shirt or passing out. Walking around with exposed white skin is like running through mass in a Devil costume! Without harping on about how infuriating it can be I will instead advise you this, SMILE. I assure you it's the best antidote to the sea of stares and the unashamed 'I know that you can see me but I'm going to stare at you anyway'. A 'yes what do you want?' look given in return is merely glossed over while you are looked up and down once again. A contest of who can stare the hardest becomes tiring when there are forty of them and one of you. But a sweet, innocent smile really seems to make them stop. Result!

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